It is our mission to empower people through art creation and to contribute to personal well-being and mental health. To support artist passion by creating objects and to stimulate this process through self-expressing. Offering a platform to sell a range of art objects and to enjoy the results from artist' creative thinking. 

Get Creative

Creativity can be found in many areas of our society, but is not always seen as a core soft skill in daily life. It is looking at or considering things in a different perspective or viewing from different angles. It is a result of an inventive thinking process of our brain. Understanding a work of art that is created by someone else takes time and needs background information on the artist and the subject. Creating art requires thought and talent, it requires dedication and perseverance. The value of an art work lies not only in the beauty of it, but as well in the artist's creative thinking process and the materialization of the final result.

Be Passionate

Personally I believe every individual has passion, a drive for what is interesting, but not necessarily everyone shows this in life. Often artists are talking about their artistic achievements with a lot of passion. Being passionate reduces stress, being passionately busy with your ‘mind’ process, pleases your entire body and will contribute to your health. Most artists want to comprehend matter and master their skills and will do what it takes to be satisfied about the end result. An art work that is not finished or where the artist doesn’t feel good about will not appear on the market. The amount of preparation, call it the ‘search’ process is often a measure for the artist’ passion.

Express Yourself

Let me start with a quote of Oscar Wilde – 19th century Irish poet and writer, who once said “be yourself, everyone else is already taken, to love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”. You can only be the best version of you by accepting your ability and inability. Artists I’ve met in the past focus on their ability to improve or show what they are good at. They are developing what is already within their capabilities, improve and build on previous experiences. If your passion is painting, you paint, if it is pottery, you will be a potter. There is no right or wrong, it is not a matter of ‘being in fashion’, just be yourself.


The word ‘Captuur’ – pronounced [kaptyr] is not an existing word in any vocabulary but is derived from ‘capture’, meaning an act or instance of capturing a moment. It can be seen as bringing together a number of Flemish words – I was born and raised in Hasselt, the Flemish speaking part of Belgium – like ‘Uur’ - Time, ‘Natuur’ - Nature, ‘Cultuur’ - Culture, ‘Figuur’ - Figure or ‘Architectuur’ - Architecture,.. In essence it is freezing a moment in time capturing an image that shows nature, culture, figures, architecture,.. Looking to an artwork or photo, it is always looking into the past and not into the future. It is capturing a moment in time, telling a story from the past, even if it is only made a few days ago. An artwork or photo is powerful, because it can generate emotion, nostalgia, or trigger memories,.. ‘Passion’ applies to many of us, as Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious". Passion is energy, feeling the power that originates from focusing on what excites you.


New-old architecture

Burberry coat parsed

A London Bridge


Glass - Lead combination framed with acrylic painted background

Fashion - Antwerp