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Photography Passion

A book was published in July 2021 as a portfolio of several photography projects over the last decades. A limited edition is printed. Book is for sale ISBN 978-1-00-671214-2

Cultural heritage

Nothing more inspiring than diving in our cultural heritage and learn about our values, understand where we are coming from and understand more in depth where we are heading to. Do you know the importance or modern influence or the history behind the photo's?

Colour duo-tone

It always fascinated me, graphic design from the early 20th century, in duo-tone. It was an interesting journey to learn that this same idea is still working today and can be very powerful in the current modern context. Examples from the city of Düsseldorf.

60 = 15 x 4

Imagine your life by 60 photo's.. that would be easy for most of us. So many moments of joy, emotions or happiness. But applying the concept to 1 day, it is confronting; every 15 minutes for 15 hours taking 1 photo.  Looking at the end result says a lot about who you are and how you spend your time (read: life). Me one day in every season in Paris.


Expressing yourself, you can do that through emotions (e.g. singing, acting..) or by creating things (e.g. writing, using your hands..). When having a thought or an inspirational moment you get creative. "It takes a dream to create the future", Abraham Lincoln once said.

Fruit blossoms

Living surrounded by lots of fruit trees, it is obvious to capture the most beautiful moment in spring. Different species with different shapes of flower petals. Find the difference between apple (variety: Jonagold) and cherrie blossom (variety: edelfinger).