Renting Artwork

Art in a working environment?

Is definitely a great idea. It will have a positive effect on a majority of your employees. It will inspire and motivate and create an environment of expressing different views. Showing art in a working context will tell a story about you as an employer being passionate and showing results from artist creative thinking and artist labour. It will show connectedness and will support your company values. By carefully selecting a subject or creating your own company driven vision, it enhances, strengthens and boosts everyone’s engagement. It will speak to potential investors or potential customers or clients. In general art will appeal to many of us. We can support you in your search and propose an art collection or subject.

We can agree on a monthly based rental contract with a minimum of 4 months. We offer an art insurance as part of the agreement. Transport, delivery, artwork documentation and labelling will be offered as part of the rental contract. Mounting systems, pedestals and other additional materials need to be purchased separately or as mutually agreed.

The monthly rental price is depending on the artwork value, but will be between 3 and 5% of the retail value. Artwork with a retail value of 5000€ or more will not be rented out. If you decide to buy after the rental period, the artwork rent will be deducted from the selling price, excluding an administrative and insurance fee.

For more information, please give us a call or use the contact page for more information.

Antwerp heritage - view 'linkeroever'

Antwerp heritage - view 'Linkeroever'